The majority of Americans do not trust advertisements, but nine out of 10 people believe in password of mouthpiece endorsements. Bandwagon advertising lets you combine brawny peer recommendations with traditional ads to potentially skyrocket your conversions .
In this mail, we ’ ll explore what bandwagon advertise is, american samoa well as its electric potential benefits. We ’ ll then help you decide whether this marketing technique is proper for you. Let ’ s draw started !

An Introduction to Bandwagon Advertising (And Why You May Want to Use It)

The Fear Of Missing Out ( FOMO ) can be a mighty incentive. Whether it ’ s jumping on the latest drift, purchasing tickets to an event that ’ mho generating a social media storm, or pre-ordering the latest must-have product, we all want to feel include .
This is where bandwagon ad comes in. As a share of this scheme, businesses convert customers to make a particular purchase in order to be separate of a crowd. If you ’ ve ever seen an ad claim that a merchandise is America ’ s darling, or that nine out of ten people recommend, you ’ ve encountered bandwagon advertise :

This form of advertise much creates a sense of importunity by encouraging customers to take advantage of an opportunity before it ’ randomness lost forever. Popularity besides implies quality. If you can convince potential customers that lots of people are converting, they ’ ll be more likely to check out your product or service :
"9 out of 10" is also a bandwagon advertising phrase
Some bandwagon campaigns even attempt to establish a certain placement as the ‘ winning ’ side. They then challenge the consumer to get on the right english by purchasing their intersection or service :
Challenging the consumer to get on the right side of things through purchases is example of bandwagon
These advertisements may use terminology such as best in class or number-one to create the narrative that they ’ re the mighty choice. For this rationality, many bandwagon advertise campaigns besides talk about awards that the party has won .

Is Bandwagon Advertising Right for You? (3 Key Considerations)

When used cautiously, bandwagon ad monetizes the natural human fear of being left out. however, this approach international relations and security network ’ thymine ideal for every commercial enterprise. here are three factors to bear in take care when deciding whether this market strategy is good for you .

1. Your Current Social Proof

‘ Social validation ’ is a psychological phenomenon where people copy the behavior of their peers in order to adapt to a certain social situation. When it comes to e-commerce and bandwagon ads, many businesses use convinced reviews and testimonials as social proof. This is wise, since a merchandise that has reviews is 270 % more probably to be purchased .
If your occupation has a backlog of positive feedback, then you already have some knock-down content for a bandwagon campaign. For case, you could feature your social validation prominently on your home page, place it alongside the relevant product, or include the best quotes in your social media campaigns :
Products with reviews and customer feedback are 270% more likely to be purchased
In decree to drive conversions, it ’ mho critical that you display positive social proof. If your occupation has attracted some less-than-glowing reviews, then bandwagon advertise may not be for you. This might besides be the case if your web site has mixed reviews. If you ’ re obviously cherry-picking the best comments and ignoring the rest, consumers may feel that you ’ re intentionally misrepresenting your business .
If you don ’ t have a push-down storage of customer feedback, you may want to gather this subject before launching a bandwagon campaign. fortunately, though, the beginning five reviews have the biggest impact on conversions .
even better, 76 % of consumers are happy to leave a review if asked. This means that acquiring the subject you need for a successful bandwagon crusade shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be besides difficult. Simply send a follow-up e-mail to your customers requesting their feedback, and you should get a response .

2. Your Overall Sales and Other Key Statistics

Bandwagon advertising is all about convincing electric potential customers to follow the crowd. This means that persuasive sales figures can be a mighty accession to a bandwagon political campaign. When lots of people are using a company ’ sulfur products and services, it implies that these customers are satisfied with their experience :

In this way, bandwagon advertising is ideal for established businesses that have already made a big number of conversions. You may besides be able to impress visitors if you ’ ve made lots of sales in a short bridge of time. For example, if you sell a intersection every minute, or recently achieved a record-breaking number of signups within a individual day, that is great material for a bandwagon political campaign .
If you ’ ve experienced a billow in popularity, you may besides want to branch out into bandwagon advertising. A campaign that claims your company recently enjoyed a 200 % consumption in sales is a big way to present your company as something special .
After you ’ ve crunched the numbers, if you aren ’ triiodothyronine happy with your statistics, then bandwagon advertising may not be right for you. You should besides avoid the temptation to try and spin more flatter figures in order to make them appear more impressive .
Presenting your stats as percentages or fractions may make them seem more persuasive. For a brand-new inauguration, two extra sales can translate to a 100 % increase in conversions. however, most modern consumers are understanding, and will easily spot any debate attempts to mislead them. This kind of bandwagon advertise campaign can misfire and damage your reputation .

3. How Frequently Your Visitors Buy 

Bandwagon ad is frequently most effective when there ’ s a common sense of urgency. Your distinctive consumer won ’ t want to risk missing out on a great deal, or being left behind by their peers .
If your web site attracts a constant stream of conversions, you ’ re in a potent position to capitalize on this sense of urgency. In particular, many popular sites display a feed of real-time customer activity. This may include data about when customers purchase your product, sign up for your newsletter, or join your membership :
Displaying a feed of real-time customer activity can help boost sales
By displaying real-time customer activeness, you can convince visitors that they need to jump on the bandwagon right now, before it ’ s excessively late. however, not every web site can boast frequent sales .
If you ’ re a newly venture, you may however be growing your audience. There are besides many established, profitable businesses that thrive on a minor numeral of conversions. For model, if your e-commerce site only stocks expensive electronics, you might only sell a limited count of units .
A behind or even static natural process feed will make your locate seem unpopular. In the worst shell scenario, visitors may even wonder if your business has been abandoned. For this reason, you may want to avoid bandwagon advertise if your web site international relations and security network ’ t presently generating lots of conversions.


With so many disbelieving shoppers, bandwagon advertise may feel like an easy solution, but this technique isn ’ t justly for everyone. It can work well for established companies with a reserve of incontrovertible reviews and conversions. however, startups and smaller businesses may benefit from building up these resources before launching their first bandwagon crusade .
Do you have any questions about whether bandwagon advertise is right for you ? Let us know in the comments section below !
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