Techniques and Types of Propaganda

As previously stated, propaganda is used at unlike times, for different reasons, and it comes in a wide variety of forms. The most well identifiable and apprehensible manipulation of propaganda is during times of war, in which victory or kill can depend a big manage on public support. Let ‘s look again at the example of the Nazi party during World War II. Through speeches, posters, and films, the Nazis were able to convince the german people that the economic depression in the inflame of World War I was not the leave of governmental bankruptcy but was alternatively the fault of immigrants, communists, and early outsiders who were weakening the state. As they continued their raise to power, the Nazis frequently relied on propaganda to justify their actions and promote their beliefs. For exemplar, the Nazi party spread the message that Jews were responsible for the miss of jobs and were hoarding money ; as a result, many Germans did n’t object when jewish people were imprisoned. The Nazi party ‘s actions might be the most normally referenced and widely known exercise of propaganda, but the Nazis are alone one of many groups who have used this technique. During World War II, the United States besides frequently relied on propaganda for populace support. think of the prototype of Uncle Sam and the I Want You posters used to encourage people to join the military. Through heavy use, this persona and motto sent a message that joining the military was the patriotic thing to do, peculiarly in the context of fighting evil. Both of these examples demonstrate how propaganda is used to promote one mind, while downplaying or ignoring the adult painting. The Nazis used propaganda to deflect any personal duty for the economic depression and rather, pinned the blame on scapegoats ( the Jewish people ) whom Germans could direct their anger toward. The United States, on the other hand, celebrated joining the military as the patriotic thing to do, while ignoring the fierce realities of war.

More Examples of Propaganda

The two previously discussed uses are some of the more extreme point examples of propaganda. It is n’t always then easily identifiable .


This anti-smoking ad, produced by the american Legacy Foundation, is a less obvious example of propaganda. By referencing the veto effects of smoking on health and using the persona of the snare, this ad is attempting to change people ‘s demeanor by sending the message that fume is undesirable and deadly .


This anti-drunk drive ad from Asia is another exercise of propaganda being used to attempt to change behavior that one group deems as bad. The post horse uses the prototype of a child in risk to emphasize its point and increase the likelihood that people will support the campaign and spread the message far. I doubt that any of us would dispute the impression that intoxicated drive and smoke are bad behaviors ; alternatively, these two examples demonstrate how propaganda can be used to encourage positive change. The american english Legacy Foundation believes that smoke is bad, and people should quit. By creating an ad political campaign that entirely promotes its own agenda, the foundation is employing propaganda to influence a larger group .

Lesson Summary

As you have seen through the examples in this lesson, propaganda is a type of communication in which one group entirely promotes its own agenda in the hopes of persuading others to join or support its opinion. Though it ‘s not always used in negative ways, propaganda frequently ignores the counter-argument and uses inaccurate statements or deformed realities to achieve a desire result. sometimes, propaganda might be in your best concern, like quitting fume. But other times, it ‘s in pastime of a much more dangerous agenda, like the Holocaust. Through speeches, posters, and films, the Nazis were able to convince the german people that the economic natural depression in the awaken of World War I was not the result of governmental failure but was alternatively the demerit of the Jews, who they claimed were responsible for the lack of jobs and were hoarding money. As a solution, many Germans did n’t object when jewish people were imprisoned. It ‘s important to be aware of propaganda when we see it, because most of the fourth dimension, we ‘re not being given the whole floor.

Facts About Propaganda

  • Propaganda is a mode of communication that is used to manipulate or influence the opinion of groups to support a cause or belief.
  • The Nazi party used speeches, posters, and films during World War II to gain support.
  • The United States used propaganda to encourage people to join the military during World War II.
  • Propaganda can also be used to discourage bad behavior and encourage positive change.

Learning Outcomes

As you come to the end of the lesson, you should set a goal to :

  • Explain what propaganda is
  • Recognize how propaganda was used by the Nazi party in World War II
  • Discuss how the United States also used propaganda during World War II
  • Consider more examples of propaganda that are used to encourage positive change

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